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I was invited to visit Nepal. Never travelled that distance before, but Nepal, here I come.


A very beautiful country with so kind people and incredible ressources. That´s what my blog is about.


Nepal is 3,5 times bigger than Denmark and the population is about 29 million people. Our friends from Nepal tell us that Nepal has everything. And that is the truth. Mountains, rivers, valleys and all types of climate. It´s a mecca for the senses.


Nepal is also challenged in the field education, healthcare, corruption, infrastructure and better solutions for collecting and separating trash.


These issues I have heard a lot of times in our talks and meetings with conscious and engaged nepalese people.


So for a moment I want to close my eyes and think of ways to change those challenges into strength and a more sustainable development.


I close my eyes and see a country so rich and colorful with so many possibilities.


From corruption to decency


Newspapers and people, all of them talk about the corruption in Nepal preventing  the society to have a better education system, better healthcare and  a strong policy for the climate.
I dream how an active politician will create a new trend, focusing the need of being more decent, the drift for a better society.

His name is Aadarsh and he 42 years old. He lives a luxury life for money that belongs to the society and humanitarian organizations. It never gives him any concerns. Many of his friends live the same life.

Now he is called back to his village, because of his mother. She is old and affected by a violent rheumatism. Aadarsh haven´t been visiting the village and his mother for many years.


When Aadarsh arrive to his mothers house, she is working in the paddyfield. She halves a little but are not in serious pain. When she recognize her son her eyes start to funkle and she sends him a big smile. She is so happy to see her son.


They enter the house and Aadarsh play the game of being a hardworking son. He know his mother prefer a son with decent manners and jobs, so he pretend to be the son who sells products for farmers.


They enjoy a cup of tea and the mother tells him that the tea is harvested under the monsun, end before the father passed away he always helped her harvesting the tea under the monsun.
“ Your dad did so many things to help others,” she said “ men are often selfish and  thinking only of themselves. They expect the women to do nearly everything, while they can sit and play boardgames and relax all day long – but not your dad. He was a very decent man and I am very grateful that he became my husband. The women in the village was envious and even some were jaloux.


Aadarsh replies “ I am sure I look like my father”

The mother takes a sip of tea, “ You are a good son and you have inherited your fathers skills – but something went wrong. You lost something”

Aadarsh becomes suspicious. What is she saying ? She don´t know anything about his daily life.


“ Do you remember Da from your childhood?” asks mother.

“ Yes – I think so”

“ She remember you very well and she lives in the same city and even in your neighborhood.
Now and then she returns to visit us here and I ask her if she knows anything about you. She does and she tells me what you are doing. She is a clever person and I like her very much.

You are left without any decency. Your Sabhyata. You live a life in luxury you do not deserve. This is far below our family values. I don´t want a son without any decent doings. Later in your life the family values will mean a lot to you, and you will probably regret what you are doing today.
Da will visit us tomorrow and she will help you to new ways of acting. She knows you very well.”

Aadarsh is overwhelmed by the words. His mother has never been speaking like that before. So quiet – but with a strong voice.


The night is without any sleep for Aadarsh. He is thinking, worried and restlessly.
Memories from his childhood pouring into his mind and he is thinking of his father, his life then and now. What could he change and what should he change?


Next morning before sunrise he was called by some of the men from the village. Each of them tells a story about his father. They hope to bring some inspiration to a better life with dignity and decency.


When the men leaves the house Da is entering the house. She is wearing shoes for walking and after greeting each other, she asks him to follow her for a walk. He is again overwhelmed. To him she looks very pretty with a calm and confident attitude.


For several hours they walk in the lush nature with flowers, paddyfields and small areas with radish and other vegetables.


Da says, “ Your eyes don´t shine. Your happiness is fake. I know you and I have known for  very long time. You must turn your mind and find a better happy feeling. When you have been thinking I will be at your site”


She continues,“ We are some very active women who created a plan to do something good for our country. You are a part of that plan. I hope you will join us with a new perspective in your mind. That plan will turn you into a decent man. When we are back to town we are going to have a meeting and I will introduce you to all  my friends.”


Then they walked in silence only with busy minds.


When Aadarsh is back from the village he seeks his doctor.

“ Is it possible to change your personality ?” he asks

“ The science don´t think you can change your mind, but you can change the way you manage your mind. Your genetics you cannot do anything about, but you can do something about your behaviour”


After the visit at the doctor Aadarsh call his trusted friend Kamal. They meet and Aadarsh tells him about the last two days. How everything has changed in his mind. The roots and family values suddenly gives him a new meaning in his life. He tells about Da who is so kind even he ever noticed her before. How she in a way is both kind and demanding. He talks about the meeting ahead and he want Kamal to support him at that meeting.


The meeting takes place in a private conference room in the heart of Kathmandu. The dust has subsided and the moon is shining as the dogs bark.


Da speaks about the top issues in her country, “ and to do something about that, we need to focus at the corruption issue. If we could affect the men who prevents a better society we would have a great success. In a positive perspective we can change the mindset from low decency to high moral and respect for each other.”
Looking at Aadarsh she continues, “ Aadarsh, I have known you my entire life. We grew up in a little village far from here. You and your family were highly respected in the village. Your father did many great things both for your family and the village. He was often asked for advice in family issues and also developing new ways to get better results in harvesting the products we made for living.
You have been living a life in harmony with your family and you have tried to live without those values. You have been a part of corruption deals, so instead of doing good projects for the city, you and your friends became rich and powerful for these money.
By being so experienced in both the good and bad way, I believe you are the right person to be a figure to follow.

Therefore I ask you to be the leader of the organisation “ DECENT MEN”
An organisation for decency and respectful behaviour. “


The small audience clapped their hands.


Aadarsh went to Da and gave her a big smile and a hug.

Then he tells them about how he came back to his village and with a little help he recognized the family values and the happiness he felt in that recognition.


“ With help from You and my friend Kamal I will try to raise this organisation”


I open my eyes and hope my fantasy could be a reality.